Training and Mentoring Unemployed Graduates, A Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of IBM


Training and Mentoring Unemployed Graduates, A Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of IBM

Gbolade is a subject matter expert in IBM Mobile First Foundation 8.0 and IBM Cognos 11.0 report and dashboard development. He was nominated IBM corporate social responsibility to tutor and train 72 unemployed graduates and also lead the project execution. Using the two aforementioned technologies to the project debut their career as entry level professionals; the 72 unemployed graduate trainees were selected by a consulting outfit West Africa Vocational Education (WAVE) based on qualitative analysis and logical reason tests.
34 trainees were trained on IBM Cognos business Intelligence development and 38 trainees trained in the art of creating mobile applications using the Android, iOS and Cordova with the IBM Mobile First Foundation 8.0 for the backend, push notifications and enterprise security enforcement. Also, the IBM Data Power was included in the security framework for authorizing the user profile, if the enterprise using the IBM Mobile First Foundation 8.0 is a large enterprise.The set of Business Intelligence Developer Trainees were divided into 3 groups and each group was to execute the Dashboard project under the supervision of the Trainer. The dashboards were created and implemented to run on android or iOs devices using the IBM Cognos mobile applications. The projects were executed using the IBM provided data warehouse running db2 in the IBM cloud. The dashboards were created using the IBM Cognos 11.0Dashboard Project implemented by the Business Intelligence Development Teams
Team 1: A Dashboard showing the organizational performance of the Company
Team 2: A dashboard showing the analysis of Employee performance of the Company
Team 3: A dashboard showing the product profitability of the companyOn the other hand, the Mobile Application Development team was divided into two Teams.Mobile Application built by the Mobile Application Development Trainee Teams

Team 1: Developed a Mobile Application to assist commuters to book journeys in Lagos metropolis and help the terminal administrator programme the buses across the bus terminals for efficient and profit commuting. The app was developed using on flavor of ionic framework and Mobile First Foundation in IBM Cloud

Team 2: Developed a mobile Application to evaluate the common opinion about
political office holders. The project is implemented using the Cordova JavaScript framework.

These projects were developed to kick start the industry experience for suitable employment. The trainings and project implementation was done within the duration of 4 weeks and all the trainees have been certified by an IBM proctored testing center. 4 trainees have been employed while the remaining are currently at the final stage of the interview process.

13 thoughts on “Training and Mentoring Unemployed Graduates, A Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of IBM

  1. I was privileged to be under the tutelage of Mr Shada, and I can say it was a very life changing experience. He is indeed a great tutor who is very interested in the success of those entrusted to him

  2. This is great initiative as it will help to empower a lot of youth who are seeking opportunities to display their talent. It will also reduce the unemployment burden

  3. Thanks Mr Gbolade Shada for your effort in bringing up IT gurus in Nigeria. My son was part of the training/mentorship programme; he was able to leverage on the training to land a fantastic job. Well done!

  4. I’ve known Mr Shade for over 2 decades as a seasoned I.T developer and the go to person for I.T solutions especially financial and banking solutions. He spreads knowledge by training others at every opportunity.

  5. I was Once your student and I can tell about how detailed you can be just to make your students understand the concept. I picked up a lot from you especially your approach to solving Technical problem. Well, I got a good paying Tech Offer just after your 4 months training.

  6. Anyone who’s privileged to be tutored by Mr Shada could easily see his passion to impact knowledge. He ensures he offers his best and guides trainees through on their journey.

  7. Mr Shada is an exceptional data science teacher/mentor who brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise. Thank you for the the insightful guidance and teaching.

  8. This completely blew my mind. It surpassed my expectations and be nothing at all like I expected.
    Well done Mr Gbolade!
    Keep nurturing young talents.
    You will never be forgotten.

  9. I believe this program does not only provide valuable training and mentoring to unemployed graduates, but it also helps to bridge the skills gap in the workforce and empower individuals to build a brighter future for themselves and their community.

    Great work Mr Gbolade!

    I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be mentored by you. Your passion for teaching and dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others is truly inspiring. Thank you for your unwavering support and for helping me to realize my full potential.

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