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As part of the Phase 2 submission materials, the Solution Brief must be submitted with the final prototype by November 6, 2018 at 5PM EST. This Solution Brief will be used by the technical reviewers as they test the functionality and viability of the prototype.  The responses will also be scored by a panel of judges.  Please ensure each question is answered completely and the Brief provides a clearly articulated solution strategy.


SallySoft International


Akingbolade Shada

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If needed, provide authentication information or required log-in credentials to review your prototype.


Solution Questions

Describe the solution and its benefits

Our product is called Journey Genie. This solution is made up of three major

Journey Genie is a commuter solution for workers and other individuals who use trains, buses, vans and the like to commute to their jobs and everyday journeys to experience the luxury and comfort of being chauffeur driven while exploring exclusive transportation like UBER etc while commuting with mass transit transport schemes.

  • The benefits are enormous as the solution aims at generating revenue from adverts on the mobile app and improved tickets sales.
  • This also addresses the heavy traffic congestion on the road, its reduction because the commuters are able to adequately plan their journeys.
  • Aids the Administrator in planning and strategizing better for the  mass transit buses
  • Optimized utilization of routes leading to alternative choices and time saving for the commuters

Its components includes:

  • Native iOs Mobile application “Journey Genie” is available in both the AppStore and the Playstore.
  • By virtue of the scheduled machine learning jobs, Watson assistant
  • Command Center: this is a web application that the Administrator at the backend. Will be making use of to direct the buses to the stranded/waiting passengers and this also consists of some vital information that would inform the administrator to manage the customers expectation effectively.
  • Commuters can also enjoy alternative routes transversal in which the Watson Assistant dialogs are learnt and re-learnt based on link way improvement between terminals/Bustops.
List the Watson API(s) used in this solution.
  1. Watson Assistant
  2. Watson Studio
Provide an architecture diagram.

Kindly find detailed architecture below.


Provide a brief script or user guide to enable judges to test/use the prototype.

Download the Mobile Application from the links below for iOS and Android respectively as both have the same functionalities.



  1. Login to Android with Mobile Number: +2348120796782

Password: 1111

You might chose to create a new profile and use default token 1960, if you did not quickly

Receive the SMS text message containing the token.

Login with the created Mobile Number and the password


  1. To book a journey click on journey menu.
  • Select the route “IKORODU”
  • Select the ‘from’ and ‘to’ Terminal/Bustop
  • Select the bus number
  • Enter the date and time of the journey
  • If you want multiple bookings, check the “Multiple Days Booking” and enter the date range
  • Click on “Continue” button.
  • Then enter the card details to consummate the transaction


  1. Genie Menu is to get the alternative route.
  • Select the route “IKORODU”
  • Select the from and to Terminal/Bustop
  • Click on “Continue” button.

“This would enforce green initiative for reasonable routine exercise”


  1. While at the Bustop
  • Select the route “IKORODU”
  • Select the present Terminal/Bustop
  • Scroll to specify the number of people
  • Click on “Send Request” button

Then it displays Bus Time Arrival and also sends the data to the CommandCenter.



There are  three menus:

  1. Stranded Passengers

this  is where the  commandcenter administrator  schedule mass transit buses based on data from the mobile commuter send Information of surge in passengers at specific Bustops/Terminals

  1. Bus arrival time

This show Bus tim arrival at specific Bustops/Terminals

  1. Bus join Scheme


Extract the zip Node.js  folder zippd into afile  and 

run  npm start this from root folder, after unzipped on the command prompt

This Is where private Bus owners could join the scheme. 

Describe which elements in the Business Plan are included in the prototype.

The mobile Application have been created in native Android and iOS technology to save and conserve the power of the device.

There are four menus:

  1. Profile Update: This is where the profile of the commuter is maintained
  1. Bustop is the menu for sending request whenever the commuter experiences a surge in commuters waiting for Buses. Immediately, the system generates the bus time arrival. This computation is based on machine learning algorithm that predicts based on the bus geo-location data available through synchronous web services communication to exchange data for adding to the previous training data.

The model is applied and the bus time arrival shows up.

  1. Genie is the menu used to get alternative route to desired destination terminal or bustop. This works based on Watson Assistant Services
  1. Journey is the menu for creating bookings and pay to confirm the booking. This generates the ticket for the journey.
Provide a summary of your routes-to-market strategy.
  1. Mass Social media campaign via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp groups among others.
  1. Awareness campaign using a local Advertising/Public relations g. Use of Bill board, Newspaper
  1. Partnering with Commercial Banks to broadcast to their Customers and reward the participating banks by ensuring the cash collections and payments on the platform are channeled through the Banks.
  1. We shall also encourage private buses to join the scheme to grow the ecosystem provided the vehicle and drivers meet our specification
  1. Partnering with the Local Authorities which includes the ‘Lagos State Ministry of Transportation’ (LAMATA) to get the mobile app advertised on the mass transit buses.



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